Cleaning optics with Discofilm

Some time ago I read an article about how the mirrors of large observatories are cleaned professionally. There was also talk about a method of applying polymer films to the optical surfaces and then peeling them off. This is also possible for amateurs!

But where do you get such a polymer material? One of my other hobbies helped my find a solution: I use Discofilm for cleaning my records, which is exactly what I am looking for. But is it really possible to use it for the front glass of my SCT and remove the film completely afterwards?
So I took my courage and applied the discofilm as evenly as possible to the optical surface.

After one and a half days drying time I dared to peel off the film - and the result speaks for itself!

If I have to clean the front side of the Schmidt plate again, I will use this method again.
Here the comparison before ...

... and after: