Edge protection for the table on a Baader pier

If you want to set up the mount in your observatory in a perfect and stable way, you will very likely reach for the steel column from Baader-Planetrium. This has a practical storage table, also made of hard metal - if you ever have bumped your head against it, you know what I mean.

This almost happened to me again during cleaning the observatory - and that's when I had the idea: With the help of my 3D printer I could print a rubber edge protector from flexible filament, which would not protect the edges of the steel table, but rather the user of the observatory from injuries or bruises.
So I took the measurements of the table and fired up Fusion360. The result is a small 3D design that I can print with flexible filament at slow printing speed within 80 minutes. The first test print came out nicely without any mistakes and fitted perfectly to the corner of the table. However, the support structures required for the printout did not provide perfect lower inner edges, so I changed the design with manually added support and hopefully this will result in a nicer print image.
If someone also wants to print an edge protection for his Baader column, the design is freely available on Thingiverse.