White Nights

Since mid of June, there is no more astronomical darkness at the position of my observatory. But nevertheless I can't let go the clear nights and so one premiere follows the next. Two and three nights ago, I was able to capture M81 and M82 with my new camera. First "only" as LRGB, then also a couple of h-alpha frames. So I was able to build my first HaLRGB picture. I am really impressed that I was able to image the glowing hydrogen blasts that are so remarkable for this galaxy!

Last night, the next "first for me" premiered - and I fulfilled a long dream: I captured M16 - the Eagle Nebula - in Hubble Palette.

For both pictures, I need to say: yes, they need definitely more integration time. And yes, I need to learn a lot about the new workflows with narrowband filters. But I am so happy that I am finally able to take these pictures I can't say in in words!