2nd Day of Assembly

The second day started at 9 o'clock. Even before breakfast, we had assembled some more parts to determine the potential need for additional screws and metal parts. Then one came to the other.

We were able to position the self-printed spider together with the adjustable secondary mirror holder onto the Dobson hat so it was ready for installation of the optics.

The next step was to assemble all parts of the optical system, which is to connect the mirror box with Dobson hat over the 12mm aluminum rods. Mechanically, this was not a problem and soon accomplished. Now it looked already like a telescope!

So we were ready for installation of the optics. For the primary mirror, we had to develop and print our own mirror cage - a tailor-made suit for the mirror.

The secondary mirror had just to be glued to the prepared mirror holder and was ready for installation.

The second day went on until late in the night and we were able to install the mirrors with our temporary springs so that we could adjust the optics. The mechanism for mirror adjustment is working. Because it was already very late at night, we no longer had the patience to set up and adjust the optical system exactly. Therefore, we disassembled the telescope again, so I could take it home with me and then adjust it at home and do a first light.

Result of the construction weekend: We can actually build a 3D printed telescope and have good chances, to finish our project until Astronomietag on 24.3.!