And the print goes on

After express delivery of the spare parts the printer is runnins again. But there are other things to do aswell.

First and foremost, we need to develop parts that are unavailable on Thingiverse but important to a working telescope. So I designed a spider for the secondary mirror, that fits perfectly in the Dobson hat and whose struts are "only" 2mm wide.
So far, the spider is not optically tested, but it should be usable, since the secondary mirror holders of my own 8 "travel sedan consists of 2mm wide struts aswell.
Fitting to the spider, we then designed a 45 degree secondary mirror holder, that can be mounted with M3 screws and matching springs to keep the mirror adjustable in place.

In Fusion 360 you can simulate the combination of the objects very well and so the printed parts fit perfectly. In the 3D files of the focuser, however, we have to design a recess for the spider mount or alternatively drill a 10mm hole after printing.