Clear skies during full moon

After days, or even weeks of clouds and rain, the last two nights offered clear skies. Even though it was almost full moon, I just had to take pictures.

In the first night, I took videos of the moon and Jupiter using the ASI120 monochrome webcam togehter with the Starfire refractor and a 10mm Hyperion eye-piece. I think, my best Jupiter so far, and my first two-piece moon picture stitched together from two source files.

During the second night, I didn't want to capture the same targest, so I first tried Mercury, but seeing was too bad to create usable videos for stacking. So I moved over to M81 and M82 knowing that during almost full moon, colors would suffer. Considering that, I am still happy with the result.

This picture is only possible by stacking lots of photos, with my telescopes visual observation is simply not possible. To change that, see & support my current crowd funding project at startnext: