Another Tour & Startnext is live!

On Sunday, skies cleared up and seeing was very good. Of course, I did a guided tour to the sky. And as of today, my Startnext crowdfunding project is live!

During the guided tour, we were able to visually see:

  • Mercury, I also saw it for the first time with my own eyes!
  • The Moon, a spectacular crisp and clear view through the refractor
  • Jupiter with 3 out of the 4 moons
  • The ISS! I managed for the first time to track ISS for visual observation, it was really spectacular!
  • Orion Nebula and a hint of M13; M1 was too faint to be visible.

After the tour was over and visitors left, I made use of the remainder of the night to capture some lights from NGC 4565, the Needle Galaxy. I am quite happy with the result (see below).

On Tuesday, April 12th, my crowdfunding project on Startnext went into funding phase, a major milestone for my quest to bring science and astronomy to the elementary school kids in my village of Friolzheim. If you read this and want to participate, please support this project here!

NGC4565 4h25m 800