Clear skies at day and night

On Saturday before Easter, after weeks we had clear skies at day and night. So we were able to catch up for the German Day of Astronomy:

In the afternoon we observed the sun with the Starfire Refractor as well as the LX200 and were able to see several sun spots.

After dawn, we looked at Jupiter in different magnfications and also tried some deep sky objects. Jupiter showed his bands and Olivia could even see the Great Red Spot and she was surprised that it actually is orange!

Deep Sky was not so enjoyable as M1 was only visible indirectly. Same was true for M3, Olivia couldn't really identify M3. But the Pleiades were visible very well. With that view we finished our visual observation and as the skies were still clear, I started a programmed photographic session with M101. Overall, I was able to collect 2 hours and 20 minutes of lights with the following result:

M101 2h20m 800