AllSky Cam

Current picture of the all sky camera - since August 18th, 2019 with a PoE-powered Raspberry Pi and ASI120MM USB Camera:

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There is also a fully-featured web page for my allsky cam.

Update as of winter 2019/2020: Dew and freezing temperatures obscured the sight of my cam for several nights. So I complemented my installation with a new dew heating made of only a few simple but effective parts: A relay attached to the raspberry pi can switch on and off a parallel array of six 100 ohm resistors. The heat emitted from these resistors is just enough to keep my acrylic dome free of dew and frost. The relais can be controlled via MQTT commands, i.e. I have all the features of my smart home installation available to control the heating, depending on current weather conditions or the weather forecast. The whole project is docmented on Github.

This is the link to the description how I built the housing (sorry, German language only):
Allsky Kamera die zweite

Current weather forecast:


Next ISS passes: