AstroHD - Welcome!

After several years without personal presence on the web, this is my new online home. This site will serve mainly as a documentation platform for my astronomical experiences and adventures - may it be new observations or construction projects.

A real big project I planned and finished in 2014 was the construction of a astronomical observation deck on the roof-top of my house! After research and planning for more than one and a half years, a dream came true within a few days. Now my own observatory is a reality.
Since that time, I am always busy to improve the functions and versality of the observatory and tune and optimize its usage. Interesting improvements and experiences will be documented in my blog.

Equally important to me isĀ  to share the fascination "Space" with others. Since I built my observatory, I was able to build up my own "outreach" programme giving visitors as well as kids in elementary school interesting insights and hopefully creating interest in physics and science.